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The Anti-Drug: Safeguard Your Prescription Drugs
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Welcome to Perma-Vault - Affordable, top quality U.S. made cash protection systems.

Perma-Vault, the largest manufacturer of drop boxes in the United States, offers a large selection of in-room hotel safes and B-rated depository safes. Other products include: lock drop box, cash box, wall safes, in wall safes, pistol lock boxes, and electronic safes.

Our diverse product line is distributed to the locksmith industry through locksmith and hardware distributors nationwide.

With a variety of sizes and configurations, we offer a full range of products. From small drop boxes to large custom made safes, we provide cash protection systems tailored to fit most any application and budget.

Custom Configured Metal Boxes

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Guest Room Safes
Lock Up Your Prescription Drugs!
Large Depository Safes

Drop Boxes
Front Loading Models
Top Loading Models
Large Capacity
Twice as Safe Models
Depository Safes
Through Wall
Door Models
Rotary Desporitory
Front / Rear Loading
In Room Safes
Guest Room Safe
w/Electronic Lock
Safe Deposit Box
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Our customer support team is second to none and has worked closely with many of the largest fast food restaurant chains, hotels, federal and local government facilities, department stores, national retail store chains and convenience stores throughout the country.



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